Hugo Landau

“an online dustbin where you leave your collected written thoughts” — someone describing this website

Here lies:

  • captcha20160205 A rather severe image-only CAPTCHA library for Go.
  • portmap20160205 NAT port-mapping library for Go supporting UPnP and NAT-PMP.
  • eddsa20160205 Go API wrapper for Ed25519 providing a standard library-like interface.
  • easyconfig20160205 configurable-based configuration management utilities for Go.
  • configurable20160205 An integration nexus for managing configuration in Go.
  • acmetool20151126 A client utility for retrieving certificates from ACME (Let's Encrypt) servers.
  • passlib20150908 Modern password hashing library for Go.
  • service20150904 Easily write daemonizable services in Go.
  • compex20140524 GCC/clang plugin for dumping C++ type information. Useful for reflection.
  • tftp2httpd20140107 Daemon to serve TFTP from HTTP. Useful for generating files on the fly to embedded devices.
  • namesync20140106 A daemon for live replication of the Namecoin zone file into PostgreSQL so that it can be served via PowerDNS.
  • ncdns20140106 A Namecoin to DNS bridge supporting authoritative and authoritative suffix modes. Supports DNSSEC.