I'll be speaking at 37C3 (and have some spare tickets)

The 37th Chaos Communications Congress (CCC), taking place in Hamburg on the 27th through 30th December 2023 inclusive, has accepted my talk submission, “Adventures in Reverse Engineering Broadcom NIC Firmware”, so I'll be giving a talk there this Christmas. This will follow on from my blog post by the same name while also covering new ground.

Over the years, this blog and my writings have resulted in my receiving emails from various fascinating people, so I'm also writing this here in case anyone would like to attend 37C3 but seems to be missing out on a ticket: I still have some spare 37C3 tickets which I can sell at cost at the exact price I paid for them (fiat, BTC or XMR accepted). If anyone wants one, let me know by email or IRC giving some background about yourself/interesting things you've done (or if you're just starting out, things that interest you). If you're broke and not having to pay would make the difference between being able to attend and not being able to attend, tell me your circumstances and I might consider giving one out anyway.

More information on my talk at 37C3 can be found here.

I look forward to seeing you at 37C3.