Website redesign and editorial changes

I've elected to substantially redesign this website. While this is mainly a restyling of the appearance, there are some editorial changes. Note that Atom feed users may wish to change their Atom feed, depending on the volume of events they wish to receive (see below).

I'm introducing a “μblog” section which will publish shorter pieces which are not substantial enough to warrant full articles. There are often times when I'd like to publish things which don't warrant full articles, for example:

  • When a subject of interest arises on sites such as HN, I often end up writing a substantial comment on the matter which people may find informative, but this gets buried quickly.

  • Short comments about computing, or about anything else, as they may come to me.

  • Interesting projects, websites, etc. that I come across in my day-to-day browsing of the web.

(Twitter? What's that? — I've been handcrafting quirky personal websites since 2002 and I'm not going to stop now. Viva la indieweb!)

Atom feeds

Users of this website's Atom feed should take note that the volume of publication to the existing Atom feed will therefore increase. A new Atom feed is available which only lists full articles, which you may or may not wish to switch to. Alternatively, you can filter the full feed via Atom categories if your feed reader supports it.